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At Admiral Auto Care, we believe that our standard prices can’t be beat. In fact, if you find a cheaper standard price with any of our competitors on the exact same service, we will match it! Make an appointment today!

Alignment $79.90
Brake Pads – Front (Premium ceramic) $199.99
Brake Pads – Rear (Premium ceramic) $199.99
Check Basic Fluids Complimentary
Check Engine Light Code Scan Complimentary
Fluid Change – Brake System $119.99
Fluid Change- Power Steering System. $119
Fluid Change – Cooling System. $119.99
Fluid Change – Transmission (Automatic / Manual) $139.99
Full 30/60/90k Inspection $49.99
Light Bulb Replacement $49. 99
Light Bulb Replacement – Interior. $29.99
Light Bulb Replacement – Rear $29.99
Filter Replacement – Air $49.99
Filter Replacement – Cabin $59.99
Filter Replacement – Fuel $69.99
Oil Change (Conventional) $34.99
Oil Change (Synthetic) $69.99
Oil Change (Euro) $89.99
Oil Change (V8) $89.99
Tire Rotation $19.99
Tire Mount and Balance/Tire $19.99
Wiper Blades (Each) $14.99

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