Engine Repair

When you think about the important components of your vehicle, your engine is likely the first thing that comes to mind. After all, without an engine, you wouldn’t be getting anywhere very fast.  Anytime you have something that is that important you need to make sure that it is properly taken care of and that means bring your vehicle to an engine expert like the team at Admiral Auto Care.

Engine Maintenance Parma Heights

Your engine is behind the performance of your vehicle and maintaining that performance is essential. Admiral Auto Care is happy to provide comprehensive engine maintenance services including:

  • Oil & Filter Changes
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Spark Plugs
  • Tune-Ups
  • And More

Engine Repair Parma Heights

Anytime your engine is acting up you need to have the issue addressed by an engine expert as soon as possible in order to prevent further and more extensive damage. Minor problems often grow into costly catastrophes and we want to help you avoid that. Some of the signs of engine trouble to look for include:

  • A decrease in Engine Performance
  • Knocking Noise Coming From Under Your Hood
  • An Increase in Exhaust Fumes
  • A decrease in Fuel Efficiency
  • Your Check Engine Light is On
  • Rougher Idle Than Normal

Check Engine Light Parma Heights

One of the easiest ways to spot engine trouble is right there on your dashboard, your check engine light. While this light isn’t necessarily engine specific, it is a great indicator that something is going wrong in your vehicle. When your check engine light comes on, we never recommend that you ignore it. We also never recommend that you take your vehicle just anywhere for a diagnostic scan.  The check engine light acts as a road map to the problem, but it takes an expert like Admiral Auto Care to fully diagnose and repair the problem.

When you come to us for your check engine light, we will perform a thorough scan and inspection in order to get to the root of the problem. We pride ourselves on providing accurate diagnoses and repairs to our customers,

Why Choose Admiral Auto Care?

Admiral Auto Care is the Parma Heights auto repair shop that offers a dealership feel at hometown prices. We want every customer who walks through our door to feel like they are a part of our family. Whether you are visiting us for an oil change or engine repair, when you are in our shop, you are our priority.

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